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As of July 1st, 2013 Indiana Code has been amended. IC 32-34-1-26-(h) requires ALL reports to be submitted electronically via the IndianaUnclaimed upload.


Annual reporting deadline for all Holders is NOVEMBER 1st. The reporting deadline for life insurance companies only is MAY 1st.

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Under Indiana law, almost every business organization (and government body) is required to report and remit unclaimed property to the Indiana Attorney General's Unclaimed Property Division whenever the property owner cannot be found. Holders are businesses, organizations, and any other entity in possession of unclaimed property. Unclaimed assets are considered abandoned when the property has been inactive for one to fifteen (1-15) years (depending on property type), and attempts by the holder to contact the owner through the due diligence process have been unsuccessful. Businesses that fail to comply with the Unclaimed Property Act will be charged interest and are subject to additional penalties.